Nov. 2, 2022

41. Kelly Moore and the Importance of Exploring and Expressing Your Emotions

41. Kelly Moore and the Importance of Exploring and Expressing Your Emotions

Close your eyes. Assess how you’re feeling right now. The feeling at the forefront of your mind? That may be just one aspect of what you’re feeling: if you explore further you may find so much more is going on.
We’re talking to Kelly Moore who’s going to

🥰 In Kelly’s hardest times, a social worker at school stepped in to help: I want to be like her. 01:55
🩹 Processing the trauma with a professional: a wound can't heal if we just stick a bandaid on it. 02:57
🌸 Jill realized the importance of not letting emotions be hidden and locked down. 03:48
⚠️ There’s no such thing as a “bad emotion”. 05:30
😤 Understand where that anger is coming from: see what is below the tip of the iceberg. 07:03
🤔 The trauma we don’t recognize: it doesn’t have to be the stereotypical trauma to be a traumatic experience. 09:31
🧁 Food can be a specific way of addiction: addressing your emotions around eating. 11:27
❓ Are we feeding our body or our soul: is an issue still there after the meal? 13:02
🤗 Defeated mindest challenges: are you depriving yourself or just reintroducing and exploring alternatives? 
🤓 Kelly loves boundary work with her clients: setting boundaries for yourself and others is essential. 17:17
🙃 Kelly is working with nonprofits, families, and kids: why she loves the cartoon Inside Out18:19
🙅‍♀️ The default mode of expressing emotions: dieting and shame game. 19:41
😍 Let's forget about dieting: create a new way of eating that cares for your body. 21:55


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