Oct. 31, 2022

39. What You NEED to Know About Hormones

39. What You NEED to Know About Hormones

The word hormones seem like a buzzword at this point with everyone talking about the topic. I’m going to break down what you need to know about your hormones and how they impact your weight.
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🥰 Sex hormones are estrogen and progesterone: from age 35 women's bodies produce less progesterone and that causes some issues. 00:29

🌟 Transfer your life at ‘50 and ‘60: get a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. 03:16

🦥 Low sex drive, can’t build muscles, low motivation: the answer is testosterone. 03:51

💪 When insulin is elevated in the blood, fat burning is turned off: there is a solution. 05:35

😩 When our brain feels stressed it elevates the cortisol and blood sugar too: go for complex carbs.  07:23

😋 Leptin is a hunger hormone: balancing it out with these few tips. 08:36

😇 Take your action from the context of self-love, self-compassion, forgiveness, kindness, and self-acceptance. 10:13

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