Oct. 28, 2022

38. Li'Ana Michelle - Dealing with Personal Trauma by Helping Others

38. Li'Ana Michelle - Dealing with Personal Trauma by Helping Others

“Life comes for everybody. At some point in time, no one is exempt from life”.
Bad things are going to happen to us no matter what we do. We can’t control what hasn’t happened yet, but we can control how we respond to these events. Li’Ana Michelle has b

👗 Li’Ana is a Miss Voluptuous Pageant finalist: I can do this, I am worthy. I am of value. 02:00
🤩 Being a part of an effective change for people in her community: behavioral health and wellness for the whole community. 05:44
🤗 Everyone goes through traumatic experiences differently: don't shame but give grace to others.  08:05
👧🏽 Li’Ana’s trauma: don't wear the shame on your shoulders. 11:07
⚠️ Traumatic experience offsets your behaviors: if we don't understand the trauma, then we don't understand the response. 15:28
🔎 There are so many reasons why people repeat self-sabotage behaviors: eating our feelings and causing ourselves illnesses have deeper roots. 16:55
🌸 Get professional help to guide you through your feelings: therapy, meditation, and affirmations.  20:41
😎 Li’Ana wanted to be like Matlock when she was young, but now she is helping autistic children. 24:30
🦸🏽‍♀️ Put yourself out there to somebody else: this helps with the healing process and keeps you moving forward. 27:32
💎 Li’Ana’s powerful tip for all of her clients and everyone who has experienced trauma. 32:33
✂️ We pick up the behavioral patterns from our parents and upbringing: breaking the cycle. 34:35
👩🏽‍🍼 Li’Ana’s relationship with her mom and son: identify the problem, so you can break the chain. 36:02
❗ Parents instilling their fears in kids: when you hear your mom’s voice from your mouth and decide not to pass the generational fears to your child.  38:51
🤕 Harboring anger towards others is not going to help you heal: practicing forgiveness. 44:02
🌟 Make your kids aware of the world that they're living in - you can't keep them from living in the world. 45:48
🥰 Give what you want to receive and return. 47:57


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