Oct. 27, 2022

37. Jane Baudelaire - Medical Gaslighting

37. Jane Baudelaire - Medical Gaslighting

Jane Baudelaire has been a victim of medical gaslighting almost her entire life. As someone with a chronic illness, she’s seen the inside of a doctor’s office way more than the rest of us. And being in the medical field, she has also seen the backend of h

🙋 Being an advocate for yourself in the medical world: battles and gaslighting experience. 02:39
🌟 Jane advocating for herself in the medical system started when she was 16: when you are asking questions for a reason. 03:39
🤕 We fractured the healthcare system: healthcare is a money-making business, and it is hard to navigate that. 06:13
🤰 Your birth plan is a joke for nurses in birthing units. 09:41
❗ How the system works and how to work the system: some meds are not good to use. 11:51
🤩 Caught off guard in the hospital office: What if we could have a patient -advocate be available to patients? 16:41
🙁 Discrimination that Jane experienced with care: the difference between tolerance and acceptance.  20:05
ℹ️ We can’t solve problems overnight: we can much more easily arm ourselves with information. 23:35
👧 Her parents were told that she was going to be blind and intellectually disabled: Jane’s diagnosis and lack of patient education about her immune system. 28:36
🦆 We have to take responsibility for our own health. We’re not sitting ducks. 32:00
🤦‍♀️ Alcohol, psychedelics, and sugar in our society. 34:55
😇 The power of hearing other people’s stories: Jane is an end-of-life doula, but it would be great to have a medical doula in our system. 37:00


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