Oct. 26, 2022

36. Conflict as a Positive Tool for Deeper Connections in Relationships

36. Conflict as a Positive Tool for Deeper Connections in Relationships

Risa is a couple and family therapist whose appreciation for conflict is striking. Risa believes that conflict can be utilized as a means of connection and to increase intimacy in relationships.

If you’re not speaking up when you feel differently than

😇 No relationship is free of conflict: conflict is what leads us to intimacy. 02:31
🤓 Relationships without conflict: re-learning how to actually disagree and engage with each other. 03:51
💣 What is conflict? A mismatch can set off fireworks. 04:48
🌟 “There is no relationship without a voice and no voice without a relationship.” 07:14
❗ Undoing the patriarchy one couple at a time: patriarchy doesn't help men very much either. 09:19
💚 There are fewer cardiovascular issues among happy couples: we are social beings. 12:23
6️⃣ The 6 elements of doing conflict well are self-esteem, boundaries, accountability, vulnerability, empathy, and connection or repair.  13:22
🤩 Conflict creates the opportunity for growth: understanding yourself and others better. 17:03
😍 Mistakes are so important in the health journey: the messiness of being human. 17:20
🤹‍♀️ Practicing relationship skills: learning any skill is awkward, uncomfortable and it takes practice. 19:21
✅ We all deserve to be loved and to have healthy, functioning relationships because we will be happier, and healthier and future generations will benefit from that. 21:38


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