Oct. 24, 2022

34. The Self-Love Context is the BEST

34. The Self-Love Context is the BEST

The diet industry has created an artificial context that has led us to believe that we are broken, and we have to be fixed. They’re making millions of dollars convincing us that we are not perfect and lovable just as we are. You are perfect and deserving

✨ Jill is a Big Leap coach: She’s been certified by the Hendricks Institute. 00:10
🤦‍♀️ Differentiating between content and context: The diet industry has created an entire context in which we have been trained to operate. 01:00
❤️ Jill suggests an entirely different context we can operate: when content becomes looser and more flexible. 03:17
😰 I gotta get it right, what is proper: the fear about will my tribe accept me if I look like this? 04:12
🥰 Let's all lift ourselves up and move over to a better context, a better paradigm, a better world: unconditional self-love. 08:28
⏫ Intuitive Eating is this whole industry that has risen up as a reactionary measure against the diet culture: but go one step further. 11:23
💎 Coming from the place of self-love: fall off the wagon for a year and love yourself anyway. 13:27

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