Oct. 21, 2022

33. Fabienne Jacquet - Embracing Feminine Energy for Innovation

33. Fabienne Jacquet - Embracing Feminine Energy for Innovation

There’s always the pressure to define yourself. Some women rebel against feminine ideas and choose to highlight their masculinity while some lean into their feminine energy so much that it overshadows their masculinity.
We all have feminine and masculin

🎆 Anyone can be an innovator: it means creating something new that creates value. 02:51
👩‍🍼 Being an innovator as a housewife and a stay-home-mom. 06:19
🤔 We tend to overcomplicate things: innovation is coming from your emotions, from your guts, and it’s serving the world. 06:55
🧠 Feminine and masculine energy in the innovation process: the secret is in the balance of two energies and intuition that comes from within. 08:35
⚖️ We're all on the spectrum between masculine and feminine: why being centered is good. 14:17
🤓 What are some traits that are more feminine or masculine? Our brains can rewire and change. 17:23
✅ Importance of diversity and inclusivity in innovation and teams: gray and white matter in our brains. 19:43
❗ The movement of Conscious Capitalism: we are hurting the world and ourselves by not allowing more people to have access to innovation. 21:53
🍨 What is happening when you lose weight? Looking at food from a different perspective is innovation. 24:49
🥖 You have to love yourself and choose your mindset: eating habits in France. 29:53
💡 Weight loss programs are written from a masculine perspective: where is self love? 31:20
👁️ Putting the focus on your own health and how you feel: getting away from stress. 34:35
🛌 The importance of sleep and sleeping well in losing weight: if you feel beautiful, people will see you as beautiful. 35:53


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