Oct. 20, 2022

32. Michela Parisi - Is Trauma Unconsciously Affecting Your Day-to-Day Life?

32. Michela Parisi - Is Trauma Unconsciously Affecting Your Day-to-Day Life?

Trauma is a subjective experience, and women tend to minimize their experiences to avoid aligning with stereotypes.

Michaela is a licensed professional counselor whose specialty is women who have experienced trauma. She’s using neurofeedback to help he

🙋‍♀️ Michela is a therapist who is incorporating Neurofeedback into her counseling sessions: primarily helping women who’ve experienced trauma. 02:08
🤷‍♀️ What does it mean to “experience trauma”? Minimizing the way that we feel leads to all sorts of diagnoses. 04:14
👉 Weight loss is a byproduct of improved health: trauma might affect human behavior without us knowing it.  06:35
🔁 When patterns of behavior are still recurring in the weight loss process: somewhere deep underneath, trauma might provoke this. 09:28
🧐 We're not looking at external factors that probably impacted our inner dialogue: do we really hate our legs or did someone tell us to do that? 11:26
🤩 The cathartic process of sitting with your emotions: the cyclical pattern of chicken and egg is a lot less negative. 14:07
😤 Physical and mental health diseases are related to suppressed rage: you don't really know it's there until it bubbles over and comes out.16:47
🧠 Neurofeedback teaches the brain to re-regulate and let go of old patterns to be able actually to change the behavior. 21:47
📌 QEEG Brain Map measures the activity on the surface of the skull: forty sessions are needed to track changes in the brain. 23:11
🤯 Neurofeedback sessions: The brain naturally feels good and wants to stay in that mode but illnesses, events, and trauma change it. 25:09
💊 The pill should not be the first solution: 80% of adults are on at least one medication. 27:07
❗ Depression can’t be fixed with antidepressants: it can be genetic, but for most people, it is a reaction to their environment. 29:39
🩺 All options should be laid out for the patient to choose from: when you need to find a new doctor. 32:07
😇 The best predictor of you getting what you want is liking your therapist and feeling close to them. 34:23


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