Oct. 17, 2022

29. How Do You Love Yourself And Still Make Change?

29. How Do You Love Yourself And Still Make Change?

So many people seem to believe that there are only two ways to think about your body: you either love it or hate it. You’re either dieting or basking in your body’s glory. This black-and-white way of thinking leads to a lot of self-sabotage. What I am goi

🤷‍♀️ How do I reconcile the concept of radical acceptance with the idea that I need to lose weight or fix something in my body? 00:10
⚠️ Nothing good comes from a black-and-white way of thinking. 01:28
🥅 The goal is not to practice self-love all day every day but to be aware we want to practice it more. 03:18
🧚‍♀️ It is a challenging journey, not a fairy tale with a final destination. 04:45
🎯 If you approach weight loss with this new perspective, that’s the opposite of giving up. 05:54
🌟 How do you reconcile the idea of loving yourself with the idea that you are flawed: squishy, messy, fluffy, beautiful gray zone is your spot! 06:48
💚 Almost every diet program out there asks you to do things that you don't want to do: we merge science and love. 08:49

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