Oct. 13, 2022

27. Cait Donovan - Understanding the Link Between Resentment, Burnout, and Your Boundaries

27. Cait Donovan - Understanding the Link Between Resentment, Burnout, and Your Boundaries

You’ve heard of gratitude journaling, but have you ever tried having a resentment journal? Resentment can actually be a powerful tool!

Cait Donovan is sharing her tips for letting go of resentment and setting boundaries to avoid serious burnout.


2️⃣ Two things Cait thinks can change peoples’ lives: resentment and boundaries. 03:05
🤯 Underneath resentment is a feeling of unfairness; either because you're over-giving or because you're under-recognized. 06:23
⚠️ Resentment is a powerful tool: The most important question you need to learn to ask yourself. 07:00
🎯 Sometimes, we are resentful because somebody is crossing our boundaries: internal and external boundaries people don’t talk about. 09:13
✍️ #1 Find out what all of the unspoken expectations are: start a resentment journal. 11:02
🚪 Nobody talks about boundaries as being something that allows you to invite in 13:59
🧠 The integration and segmentation continuum: what's happening there? 18:05
👉 Boundaries are so intertwined with our values and our families. 20:34
😇 Everyone struggles with boundaries: they are ever-changing and depend on the people surrounding us. 24:11
🤕 When resentment builds up, it will turn into burnout and manifest as physical diseases. 28:17
🍕 When you are segmented for pleasure: what happens when we allow ourselves pleasure in food? 29:19
🌸 Find some space for grace for yourself. 32:16


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