Oct. 12, 2022

26. Lyndsey Martin - Power of Cannabis in Healing PTSD, Insomnia, and Anxiety

26. Lyndsey Martin - Power of Cannabis in Healing PTSD, Insomnia, and Anxiety

Look, it’s 2022. We need to abandon the idea that marijuana is this big, evil thing. It is simply a plant with medicinal benefits.
Lyndsey Martin is a veteran, nutritionist, personal trainer, and cannabis expert. Lyndsey was able to heal her ailments as

👍 Lyndsey is getting her master's in nutrition and working in the cannabis industry. 02:15
😮‍💨 Missouri is a state in which using cannabis is allowed for medical purposes, but it might be legalized for recreational use as well. 02:47
🤯 Cannabis is dangerous, but alcohol is ok? 03:11
🤕 A big stigma around cannabis is unfair: the plant helps huge numbers of people with various mental and medical issues. 04:45
👠 Successful cannabis companies are being run by women: Lindsey held a panel to connect women in her industry. 07:50
😇 Spiritual perspective of marijuana: she is a special plant. 11:21
😩 Lyndsey’s issues with insomnia escalated: CBD and THC together really helped with her trauma, PTSD, and anxiety. 12:56
😎 Nutritionists have an obligation to help people without hurting them: marijuana tinctures and edibles have no side effects. 17:57
💧 Lyndsey tried so many things but nothing helped: beware not to smoke marijuana but find other ways to receive that medicine.19:59
🤩 Cannabis companies are creating vaginal suppositories for PMS symptoms. 21:00
😴 Jill's story about CBD: how the quality product changed her sleeping almost overnight.  22:20
✌️ Getting full spectrum CBD with a tiny amount of THC will work on all receptors: blood tests and concerns people are having. 24:44
👉 Two levels of expertise while getting a receipt for cannabis: How do you get a medical card in Missouri? 30:30
🥃 Are you getting tested at your work for traces of alcohol? 32:20
🌟 If you explore it and remove the stigma, you can find healing. 33:26


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