Oct. 5, 2022

21. Aundrea Leven - Benefits Of Childlike Wellness For Any Age

21. Aundrea Leven - Benefits Of Childlike Wellness For Any Age

Getting a child to eat all of their veggies is like trying to wrangle a wild animal: not impossible but definitely a challenge.

Aundrea Leven helps families have more fun eating nutritiously. She’s sharing some amazing tips on getting your family to e

🤸‍♀️ We as adults need to be more like kids and have a little bit more fun eating.01:14
▶️ Seeing 7000 people a month as a clinic nutritionist: it was time for something more fun and efficient for families. 02:19
🧠 How nutrition affects teenagers’ mindset, feelings, and positive thinking. 05:10
😇 When healthy eating becomes a normal, habitual thing for kids. 06:31
🥣 Bridging issues and creating a balance between eating fast and healthy. 08:36
🗝️ Planning is the key and getting family involved in the experience is important. 11:17
🥦 Tip on how to incorporate broccoli into a toddler’s diet with a smile. 12:35
😍 Empowering children is something we are missing from our society.14:21
🌟 Prevention of childhood obesity through fun and healthy eating. 16:03
☀️ Letting kids have a say in their dinner options:  repetition and celebration. 17:22
🍪 You have to be the example in the family: kids will find all the hidden sweets you have. 21:39
🤱 What mom eats gets into her breast milk: babies that love garlic. 23:06
🧒 Kids know themselves and they listen to their bodies so much better than adults. 25:46
😓 Adults don’t know when we're hungry and we're full: Clean the plate club issues.  26:05
✨ Let's go back and have child-like movement, mindset, eating, and belief. 27:25
🥳 Bringing empowerment, consciousness, and a little bit more curiosity to the meals. 28:36
👆 All nutrition should be personalized: Jill doesn’t like dogma and the prescription stuff. 30:13
👧 Reorienting relationships with food with young teenagers. 31:04


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