Sept. 29, 2022

17. Linda Greene - Enjoying Traveling and Foods for Healthy Aging

17. Linda Greene - Enjoying Traveling and Foods for Healthy Aging

There’s no way you can travel and enjoy yourself when you’re on a diet, right? Linda Greene says you are wrong.

You don’t have to have a keto protein bar stashed away in your purse when you’re on a trip. Making healthy choices such as eating delicious

🤗 Seeing her mom’s issues pushed Linda to do everything to look, feel, and be healthy as possible.  01:17
🧘‍♀️ Working with Jill, having a personal trainer, doing Pongo: 03:31
😇 Structural issues and pain: knowing that her whole future depends on being mobile and healthy. 04:46
🍝 A life-long love affair with food: Linda loves interesting food, and she gets to try it all out during her travels. 06:43
🥐 Keeping the weight loss during cruising is hard: implementing intermittent fasting when she is home. 08:47
😋 Food pictures Linda shares: strategy of eating delicious food but in smaller portions. 10:58
🧆 The session about flavors taught Linda so much: learning about yourself and food changes through time. 13:57
😍 Healthy aging is closely related to healthy eating: Linda loves Jill’s non-judgmental weight loss program. 16:01
🚰 Constant reminders to eat better and to drink water: Linda was raised to be a nighttime snacker. 18:41
🍛 Sashimi and poke bowls: adding in different types of cuisines from around the world to keep healthy eating. 19:59


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