Sept. 28, 2022

16. Dr. Sandra Lewis - Overcoming Burnout

16. Dr. Sandra Lewis - Overcoming Burnout

“Your body never lies. Your body will always speak the truth to you.” We talk a lot here about listening to our bodies, and today, we’re hearing about the good that can come from listening when your body says, “Enough.”

Sandra Lewis is a colleague of m

😟 Sandra’s worst burnout episode: when your body says ‘Enough’. 01:49
🤯 Being in the Get It Done mode: pushing the anxiety back. 03:52
😩 Eating well and doing yoga but her self-care was just a checklist. 06:22
👩🏽‍🦱 Feeling like you are alone, and there is no one to help: commitment one problem solver takes on her shoulders. 08:45
🤕 Sandra learned how to survive from her childhood: survival while ignoring the pain. 12:04
🤷🏽‍♀️ Social patterns: “Women have this sense that we are the ones who are responsible for other people's well being”. 13:06
⚠️ Adrenaline rushing all the time dampens creativity.  15:17
🎯 Getting back in touch with her own purpose: Sandra asked herself two seriously deep questions. 16:04
🤗 Sandra never had learned to grant herself grace until her body said: ‘This is enough.’ 19:04
💎 Your body never lies. and it will always speak the truth to you 20:32
😍 We need a new definition of perfect. 22:23


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