Sept. 26, 2022

14. How to Build Your Motivation for Healthy Habits

14. How to Build Your Motivation for Healthy Habits

Consistency is what it really takes to form a habit, but what does it take to be consistent? Motivation.

Start with your why. Why are you changing your habits? Why do you want to see a difference in the way you feel? Putting your why and reasoning at

🧮 Motivation is a big issue: low willpower equals low motivation - the quick calculation that's occurring in our brains. 02:12
🧠 Experiencing the consequences of eating certain things: the ‘fight’ between lower and higher brain.  04:13
😇 Your prefrontal cortex - conscious mind determines your actions: convince it that healthy food is important for you. 06:32
⏩ Get your compelling reason but with a quick return: examples of positive and negative feedback loops you can use. 08:19
🤓 The combination of different tools: consistent commitment and strong reasons are building motivation. 09:43
⚠️ Don’t always rely on willpower: set up the environment for success and remove barriers for yourself. 10:59
📋 Write it down: make a list of your reasons and create artificial positive feedback loops. 12:23
🔁 Recommit after messing up - recommitment is your friend you can always go back to. 14:08

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