Sept. 23, 2022

13. Eileen - Redefining Health as We Age - What Energizes You?

13. Eileen - Redefining Health as We Age - What Energizes You?

Today, we are talking to the beautiful and wise Eileen, my mother. Over the last 75 years, Eileen has learned how to protect her energy and health by saying no to things that don’t feel good.

Being selective with who you spend your time with and how y

😇 Starting to think about aging in our 40s: different perspectives about aging. 02:13
🥳 Celebrating 75th birthday and feeling comfortable about it: having simple goals comes with years. 02:51
🥰 Supporting health with diet, movement, experiences, and communicating: the power of community and friendships. 04:19
🎯 Different perspectives on life, food, and an increased capacity for appreciation: having time to feel everything on more deeper level. 06:31
👩‍💻 Working and not having time for so many things: I want to be retired now and appreciate life more - now.  08:13
🤩 Perfect life recipe: “I don't do anything that does not make me happy unless it's absolutely necessary.” 10:42
🎨 Sense of being overscheduled vs retirement: having time to be creative and doing things you want to do when you want to do it. 12:32
🆚 Adrenaline-based energy versus creative energy: what is stopping our creativity and enjoyment. 16:37
🗝️ The keys to the fountain of youth. 18:06
😎 Having a good time and enjoying being ‘invisible’. 18:36

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