Sept. 19, 2022

09. Start Telling a Different Story Today

09. Start Telling a Different Story Today

We spend so much of our lives having dietary dogma shoved down our throats only to go and tell ourselves the same harmful things about our bodies!

The stories we tell ourselves can be powerful and motivating, or they can be cruel and disheartening. If

😲 Stories in our heads are not always our stories and many of them are disempowering. 00:42
😰 Jill’s story she is telling herself: feeling guilt and blame. 01:58Β 
πŸ₯… The purpose is to learn, grow, and love yourself no matter what. 03:02
πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I love myself, but I have to look a certain way: the story that is not necessarily yours. 03:35
πŸ›‘ We were taught that our value is based on our looks: a biological imperative done wrong. 04:47
πŸ‘† The tribalistic definition of beauty mixed with survival: we only want to be included. 06:32
πŸ‘§ Struggling with body image since a very young age: inner saboteur is so dangerous. 07:36
😒 Women are still struggling with the internalized message: I need to look a certain way to survive and be accepted. 09:43
▢️ Start telling a different story: this is how my body is and I'm going to love myself anyway. 10:26
πŸ’Š When you open a capability for healing: start practicing the mantra and change the story. 14:34

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