Sept. 15, 2022

07. Betsy - Fighting Against Your Old Programming Through Inner Work

07. Betsy - Fighting Against Your Old Programming Through Inner Work

The way our society equates physical appearance with health is f****d up.

Even when Betsy lost 100 pounds, she didn’t feel any better. She couldn’t feel truly happy with herself until she stopped letting the number on the scale define her. Like many w

🤗 Counseling and inner work as primary methods of regaining health. 01:54
🤓 Losing 30 pounds without doing anything! 02:31
🤯 Mom would take Betsy to Weight Watcher meetings: recording her weight from the age of eight. 06:39
😤 Hatred within mother-daughter relationships. 11:17
✨ Betsy’s epiphany about her body image. 14:38
👉 Reframing of the old programming: "You look so horrible". 16:11
🤦‍♀️ We are approaching obesity from a medical and health perspective absolutely wrong. 17:39
👆 Losing 100 pounds and still feeling terrible - fundamental changes are not in pounds. 19:34
👩‍👧 People in our country are so focused on appearance: don’t pass on those scripts to your children. 22:32
🛑 Fashion images, social media, and false safety issues: put the responsibility off of women onto the sexual perpetrators. 26:41
🙌 People want to be loved and included: sharing makes us different from other animals. 28:56
🤩 Steps to accepting yourself and seeing yourself in other people’s flaws. 33:01
🎯 Take as many small steps as possible to get to that deep inner work. 39:47
⚡ Women are piling judgment on judgment: radical acceptance opens space for healing. 42:03


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