Sept. 14, 2022

06. Donna McPherson - Reshaping Your Health Trajectory

06. Donna McPherson - Reshaping Your Health Trajectory

We are in control of our health. Even when there are external factors or genetic predispositions that could threaten our health, we need to take accountability for our choices.

Donna has been able to take her family’s tragic history of heart disease an

🤗 Don’t take your health for granted: your body is supposed to function a certain way.  01:28
😢 Donna’s mom passed away at 48, her sister at 49, and she lost three brothers due to cardiac issues. 02:00
🚶🏽‍♀️ Donna decided to stay on the ‘light side of food’ and change her life path: we have to move. 03:40
💃🏽 When exercise doesn't feel like exercise: sports, fun, and finding what works for you. 04:50
🍛 Caribbean people eat heavy food but also walk a lot. 06:38
🥥 American food is very processed: food tradition in Guyana. 08:03
✨ Donna’s choices in dieting and shopping. 09:58
💎 Family history is not Donna’s only motivator: give yourself THIS gift. 12:25
😎 Go day-by-day: “If I had done whatever I wanted to do, I probably wouldn't be around today.”  14:14
😇 The best point of view and Donna’s wisdom. 15:06

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