Sept. 13, 2022

05. Cheryl Whitelaw - Building an Identity About Yourself

05. Cheryl Whitelaw - Building an Identity About Yourself

When you stop judging yourself for the choices you make in your health journey, you start finding freedom.
So many women carry the burden of what we should be doing with our lives, but Cheryl has been able to take back her life by finding empowerment in

🤩 Cheryl’s new normal: Personal acts of self-care become her awareness choices, choices that matter. 01:25
😇 ‘Should’ culture and restrictive dieting were never Cheryl’s motivators: finding her personal drivers. 03:32
🎯 Living life with more presence: somatic intelligence, being responsible, and choosing things that make us feel good. 05:57
🌟 We recreate ourselves all the time: the power in choosing for ourselves. 08:50
🙁 Being an invulnerable authority figure in your own life and your own self is not possible: the shame and blame we attach to ourselves. 12:00
🧠 Fake it before you make it: how neuroplasticity really works in reaching our goals. 13:05
👉 Retraining the brain: changing your nervous system through movement and awareness. 15:30
☯️ Cheryl focuses on Feldenkrais Method, Aikido, and Tai Chi: honoring the whole person and the connection between mind and body. 17:19

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