Sept. 9, 2022

03. Committing to Being Healthier Instead of Thinner

03. Committing to Being Healthier Instead of Thinner

Being afraid of the repercussions of not losing weight isn’t going to make you thinner. Fear is a great motivator in short spurts, but it’s not the answer to long-term success.

This lesson is something that Carla had to learn the hard way. When she was

🧠 Carla’s mind shifted toward the new ultimate goal - being healthier. 01:43
🙃 Falling off the wagon while having only weight loss in mind becomes too much to bear. 02:41
🎯 It is easier to build good habits with more attainable goals. 04:19
🤔 Procrastination and internal blockages in caring for your health: they'll always be a reason why you can't do it now. 06:02
🤗 The pursuit of health and building habits is easier when you are kind to yourself. 08:38
‼️ Putting yourself first before other people and obligations: Carla’s internal battle. 11:23
🛌 Jill built her sleeping habits: honoring the body and giving it love and care. 14:40
🤩 The trust relationship between Carla and Jill. 17:30
✨ Making a commitment with yourself works like magic: writing it down and saying it to others gives you power.
🥰 Fear is a great motivator only in the short spurts: gather inspiration from a place of self-care and self-love. 21:20

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