Sept. 7, 2022

01. Rev. Dr. Deb Walters - The Habit of Prioritizing Others Over Self

01. Rev. Dr. Deb Walters - The Habit of Prioritizing Others Over Self

Can the power of faith be used to repair the wounds left by society’s pressure for women to be thin?
Board-certified chaplain, grief counselor, and author Rev. Dr. Deb Walters shares her long battle with her image of her. In this episode, we uncover the

🗃️ We tend to compartmentalize our life but all is interconnected.
🤷‍♀️ When she felt sad, Deb was not eating: neglected her body too much.
🛑 Eating disorders run in Deb’s family, but she realized it is time to respect her body. 03:27
😒 In our society, women are blamed for having an eating disorder. 05:43
🤰 Not gaining enough weight in pregnancy: Deb understood her body is her temple, but she still needs to pay attention to all the details on a daily basis. 06:56
🌹 The punishing vs. tenderness way of thinking.11:33
🤹‍♀️ Over-functioning as a way of life: being a good girl that holds all the plates in the air. 12:23
👩‍🦳 Getting older and not taking care of your body: how to age better with nutrition and hydration. 16:16
✨ Focusing on context and then content: kindness, appreciation, and self-love first, then multivitamins, enzymes, and proteins. 19:49
🧘‍♀️ Emotional, mental, and spiritual care for the body: “I can have all the vegetables and all the fruits I need by eating this gummy.” 23:36
🤯 Jill’s advice on too much junk and marketing without science: Eat foods first, take digestive enzymes, but be wary about supplementation. 25:25

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