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Powerful women speaking the truth!

Have you ever starting taking to someone new and instantly felt a deep connection? Adrienne has this ability to seemingly ask the perfect questions that open up your mind to a sense of confidence and purpose. I loved being a guest on her show so much I would do it again in a heartbeat. This podcast gives us a chance to hear women supporting women. And this is not just for the podcast. Adrienne runs a media company that champions women and gives us a microphone (literally) to speak our minds and elevate our message. I count her as a friend and a colleague who has literally changed me and how I see myself.

Carol Parrish

Love this podcast!!! Adrienne is so passionate and doesn’t shy away from asking the tough questions. She and her guests are so engaging!

Vulnerability At It's Finest

This show was recommended to me by Eva Jannotta and it didn't disappoint. Adrienne speaks with full transparency and in a highly relatable way as a female business owner and woman. As an executive coach and fellow amplifier of women's voices, I highly recommend this show if you are a believer that wisdom unites, vulnerability bonds, and women need other women to run successful businesses that feel damn good.

An amazing source of education

From business advice, to inspirational stories from female entrepreneurs in all walks of life, Adrienne brings together an all star roster for her podcast! We love listening in — it has become a staple for us at GoodGood Investing as we grow!

She doesn’t sugar coat this podcast! That’s a good thing.

I feel like I’m sitting with a small group of familiar friends when I tune into this podcast. I’ve been there and done that in business when my voice was conditioned to be silent and conditioned to sugar coat what comes out. How dare we outshine anyone with a valuable contribution to only be reprimanded for “interrupting.” If you are in business there are a lot of “uh huh” moments here. I like that the overall format isn’t long and I am looking forward to tuning in regularly. Thank you Adrienne for this valuable content that tells us we’re not alone in the room.

What a sassy, fun, and REAL podcazst!

I love everything about this podcast! It's fun to listen to and it's deep and enriching all at the same time. It truly is the perfect blend of helpful and entertaining content. Plus, Adrienne is such a great host. She really "gets' what her guests are talking about and does a fantastic job at bringing out interesting stories.

She Leads is great!

Adrienne is fantastic and this podcast is too!

Really enjoy this podcast

Love the continent on this podcast is definitely worth your time to listen!

So inspiring!!

Great podcast!! Motives me in many ways to be the best version of myself!! Adrienne is articulate, creative and inspiring.

REAL conversations with no fluff!

Real conversations for real Women! This is an awesome podcast for those looking to hear real, honest conversations about business and entrepreneurship with no fluff! I love the interviews and actionable content to get you moving forward with inspired action.


As a woman, this podcast means a lot to me. We are conditioned to not speak out, not use our voice, and not state our opinions. And this podcast is the real deal. It is all about helping women by providing a platform to share their ideas, thoughts, and opinions to the world. This podcast is inspiring and the guests are incredible. Adrienne Garland, who is the CEO of media company and community, She Leads Media, is an amazing podcaster. It is so clear that she is so dedicated to women leadership. I love listening to these episodes because she is so relatable!

Yes, women need this show!

Adrienne brings the realness with this show. A space for women to let go of our conditioning and share our brilliance without mitigating it?? Yes! I love this show and highly recommend it.

She Leads never disappoints

I’ve been a frequent attendee at the She Leads Media conference where the speakers and events offer actionable, inspiring advice to women in business. Adrienne’s podcast offers the same level of value as her conference. This episode with Jade Simmons is really speaking to me today in a deep way. Bravo, ladies!

No sugar coating here

Adrienne tackles the real issues facing women and leadership in a way that is direct, intelligent and innovative. Her amazing guests are powerhouse women dedicated to giving women if all ages and all colors a roadmap for taking control of their lives and careers.