April 16, 2021

34. The Different Paths To Entrepreneurship, with Elizabeth Kramer

Adrienne's guest today is Elizabeth Kramer, a multi-passionate serial entrepreneur. Her deep operational experience in large corporations allowed her to navigate through different industries, across different types of careers, and then ultimately to embra

April 09, 2021

33. Leadership is Feminine, with Kris Plachy

Today's guest is Kris Plachy, an executive coach for female entrepreneurs, primarily women who are running seven and eight-figure businesses. Kris’ work centers on her vision ‘to prove the power of one thriving woman’. She shares impactful ideas on how m

March 19, 2021

32. Shining a Light On Moms with Tonya McCornell of the MOM Film Fest

Tonya McCornell is the founder of the Making Our Movies Film Festival (MOM Film Fest) as well as a director, producer, writer, and single mom. She’s joined Adrienne in conversation about prejudices moms are currently experiencing, how moms are showing up

February 19, 2021

31. From The Farm to the Best Plan Ever with Jennifer Dawn

The second season of Sugar Coated starts with amazing Jennifer Dawn, owner of Jennifer Dawn Coaching, and founder of Best Planner Ever. Jennifer has started, grown and sold multi-million dollar businesses and she is an author, speaker, podcaster and coach

December 04, 2020

30. What It Means To Reinvent Yourself, With Lesley Jane Seymour

Today’s guest is Lesley Jane Seymour, the founder, and CEO of Covey Club. She’s also an editor, author, and entrepreneur. Adrienne and Lesley discuss the power that women hold, and the amazing things we can do with our families, relationships, companies,

Entrepreneurship Entrepreneur Women Entrepreneurs

November 27, 2020

29. Using The “3C’s” to Get To Authentic & Genuine Communication, with Jill Katz

Adrienne’s guest today is Jill Katz, the Founder of Assemble HR Consulting. She’s an expert communicator, influencer, speaker and strategy coach who’s passionate about shifting the workplace to be more human focused by using her “3C's” approach, #CandorCo

November 20, 2020

28. The Unspoken Realty of Women NOT Helping Women

Should we hold women accountable in the same way we hold men accountable for discouraging and hurtful behaviors toward other women? Why is this reality a taboo topic? Today’s guest is Antonia Hock - the Global Head of the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center

November 13, 2020

27. Taking Flight - From the Navy to Advocate & Promoter of Women’s Voices

Today’s guest is Linda Maloney - retired naval flight officer, author, MBA, and CEO/Founder of Women Veterans Speakers. In this sweeping conversation, Linda takes us on her adrenaline-fueled journey filled with bold moves and firsts. She shares her grat

October 16, 2020

26. How to Start & Grow Your Own E-commerce Brand, featuring Janis Carmina, the eCommerce QueenBee

Today’s guest on Sugar Coated is ex-police officer and e-commerce expert, Janis Carmina - otherwise known as the ECommerce Queen Bee. In this practical learning session, Janis openly shares super-practical and actionable advice on how she researched and

October 09, 2020

25. Crafting Powerful Words with Eva Janotta, Marketing Strategist & Consultant for the Women Helping Women Ecosystem

Eva Janotta is an expert, marketing strategist and consultant who helps women leaders and entrepreneurs to stand out powerfully online. Eva relays thoughtful insights on subject ranging from entrepreneurship to thought leadership, and how to build genuin

September 11, 2020

24. Eradicating the All-Male, Pale & Stale Event Panels with Bobbie Carlton

Adrienne’s guest today is the award-winning PR pro - Bobbie Carlton, founder of Carlton PR & Marketing, Mass Innovation Nights, and Innovation Women. Bobbie’s passion and commitment to solving inequality for women’s visibility and influence has driven her

September 04, 2020

23. On Meaningful Relationships

Today Adrienne speaks about the concept of commitment as the baseline for really great relationships. She puts forth the idea that love is the most important element in personal relationships, and that other elements like mutual respect & commitment lead

August 21, 2020

22. Reflections On Picking My Brain

This week Adrienne shares her thoughts and feelings about people who specifically want to learn something new from experts, but then don't listen to an answer - or they even argue - about the answer they’re given. There is no sugar coating it - this rude

July 31, 2020

21. Confidence, Commitment & Campaigning, With Multi-faceted Expert Jade Simmons

Adrienne’s guest - Jade Simmons - is a rock star concert artist & experience maker, speaker, author, actress, podcast host, and now - an independent presidential candidate! This high-energy and sweeping conversation begins with discovering one’s purpose,

July 24, 2020

20. Take Control of Your Financial Knowledge, with Wendy Cai-Lee, Piermont Bank

Adrienne & Wendy discuss why it’s critical for women business owners to be comfortable talking about all things related to finance and banking. In this conversation, you’ll learn more about Wendy & her story of becoming one of the only women CEOs in Bank

July 17, 2020

19. Have You Ever Felt Like You Had Too Much On Your Plate?

Today Adrienne talks about "Having too much on my plate” syndrome and how she finds time to do all the things that require doing in her schedule. Creating podcasts and empowering women to launch their shows is invigorating and exciting, but what happens w

July 10, 2020

18. How to Move from a Corporate Employee to a Profitable Entrepreneur, with Debra Boulanger

Adrienne has a sweeping conversation with Deb Boulanger, CEO of the Great Do-Over, and a podcast host on the She Leads Podcast Network. Deb’s super-power is helping women (and men) to leave the corporate world and start a profitable business, overcome ch

July 03, 2020

17. Big Breaths & Bold Moves - Using Your Mind To Create Radical Change

Today's show is about self-work and the huge influence that podcasts have had on Adrienne's thinking. In this episode, she reveals what was holding her down and how shaking off burdens has taken quite a long time. Adrienne reveals how she decided to step

June 26, 2020

16. Showing up in a heteronormative world, with LGBT Leadership Expert, Shannon Marie Whittington

Adrienne’s incredible, multi-passionate guest - Shannon Marie Whittington - is a John Maxwell Servant Based Leadership Expert, author of two books, a leadership consultant specializing in LGBTQ inclusion, a transgender health expert, and a Registered Nurs

June 22, 2020

15. Kristin Molenaar - CEO of Yes Boss VA - Is On A Mission To Eradicate Entrepreneurial Stress

Kristin is the CEO and Founder of Yes Boss VA, a virtual assistant agency that specializes in helping solo-preneurs to scale their business. Adrienne and Kristin talk about the emotional journey from a corporate job to entrepreneurship, and the importance

June 12, 2020

14. Illana Raia, CEO of Être Girls, helps girls figure out exactly who they want to be

Adrienne’s guest is Illana Raia, the CEO and founder of the organization Être Girls - a mentorship program and platform that connects professional women with school age girls. Her work helping and mentoring middle school and high school girls is both inc

May 29, 2020

13. Get more out of your work life & take yourself to the next level - with Stacey Staaterman, Career Strategist

Feeling stuck and unhappy with your career is a huge issue for so many of us, at different points in our lives. This week, I'm trying to find an answer to a big question: "Do we all need a coach?" and an exit strategy from: "I don’t know what I want to do

May 22, 2020

12. Powerful and genuine conversations among women leaders - with Paulina Lopez, CEO & President of the Business of WE

Adrienne talks to Paulina Lopez - CEO and President of The Business of WE - women entrepreneurs - about women leaders coming together in a collective way to enhance their leadership and influence, and to develop programs that offer true value.

May 15, 2020

11. Insights and lessons learned - how Kristin Marquet, Fem Founder CEO launched, scaled, grew, sold & then started another business!

Listen in as Adrienne speaks with Kristin Marquet, CEO and president of Marquet Media and the creator of Fem Founder about how she created a business, scaled it up, hired team members, then sold it…and then, in entrepreneurship fashion, started another su