For far too long, women have been sugar-coating our voices, thoughts, and opinions. That stops right here! Sugar Coated is a place where women can express their brilliance without sugar-coating anything. This podcast offers a platform for super-practical, actionable advice for women to overcome challenges and to make a significant impact on our families, our communities, and our world. Entrepreneur Adrienne Garland was conditioned early in life, like so many women to be nice, to not interrupt, and to be deferential to those in power. But she also learned to navigate her way, and despite success in climbing the rungs of the corporate golden ladder, she ultimately traded it in for a golden hammer to smash through injustice. Join Adrienne each week as she dives into raw conversations with some badass women - without any sugar coating!

About the Host

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Adrienne Garland

Adrienne, the CEO of She Leads Media, is a women’s leadership and entrepreneurship expert that’s dedicated to promoting women’s voices, thoughts and opinions via podcasts, conferences and other media platforms.

Live in Sea Cliff, NY (Long Island), work mainly in NY Metro Area, but now virtually, like the rest of us! :-)

Social handles:
IG: @SheLeadsMedia
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/adriennegarland
Twitter: @SheLeadsMedia_