May 26, 2023

81. Melinda Watts - Be Your Authentic Self & Find Your Purpose

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Self-honesty and a positive mindset may be all it takes to discover your true purpose. Melinda Watts is a business coach and influencer who helps guide women toward the joy of embracing their passions in life. Everybody has it in them to be an entrepreneur and explore their passions, but many of us are restrained by the shackles of social programming and limit ourselves to playing it safe in our 9 to 5 jobs. To grow and succeed, you must embrace your most authentic self with honesty and confidence. When you dedicate your life to showing up as your true self, and believing you are worthy, you will discover your true purpose in life. Take a bet on yourself and pursue the life of passion you deserve!

💐 Melinda is a wife, mother of 4, pastor, singer, teacher, influencer, and CEO of Made for More: being a high school teacher inspired her entrepreneurship. 02:39
❤️ Melinda created a program for women entrepreneurs who never thought they could escape the “9 to 5 mentality.” 08:09
👩 There are so many avenues for passive income: women have incredible ideas and passion, but don't have the mindset to believe they are worthy. 11:10
📿 Melinda's true confidence developed through becoming an influencer: honesty and prayer helped her face herself and believe again. 15:47
🥰  We have to dedicate our lives to rising higher and walking in our true purposes: don't be afraid to get on social media and show up as your real authentic self. 22:15
✅ Coaching women who already have a business is even more fun: it's never too late or too early to start something new and create a business. 26:03
🔴 Take a chance on yourself, because you can always go back: the best time to invest and save money is in your late teens - building a business can be better than college. 31:49


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