May 19, 2023

80. Dr. Bonnie Wims - Stop Validating Negative Behavior and Maintain Your Mental Health

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 Understanding and maintaining your mental health is the key to showing up positively in life and business. Dr. Bonnie Wims is a therapist who shares her wisdom on the cycle of self-sabotaging behavior and why women need to self-reflect to move forward with self-worth. It’s no secret that gender disparities show up in many social situations like work and family dynamics, and women are often talked over and ignored. Many of us are validating these behaviors by silencing ourselves and complying, even if we don’t agree, and this can lead to negative internalized messages and a lack of self-worth. It’s time for us to honor ourselves and understand our anxieties so we can learn from our insecurities and use them as tools to grow and move forward. Stop accepting less and find or create a place that deserves your talent!

Show notes timestamps:
👩‍⚕️ Dr. Bonnie worked in an insurance company, finished her undergrad and doctorate in her 50s, and became a therapist & a podcaster: It’s a great boost of confidence to see that you can still learn and grow in your 50s. 01:54
❤️ We should never totally put our dreams away: Dr. Bonnie had to learn to run her private practice. 06:26
🎓 Imposter syndrome goes hand in hand with perfectionism, and women often have it from childhood: Dr. Bonnie shares a bad experience from graduation that made her think she didn't deserve her doctorate. 08:51
🍀 Women and men have different perspectives and communication styles: we can control our self-talk and how we internalize messages. 17:15
💝 Women should know their worth and find a space that feels good: the difference between running away and the choice to move towards something else. 24:18
👉 We become anxious when we don't maintain our mental health: use your anxiety to move you forward. 33:16
🎙️ Dr. Bonnie created a podcast, Therapy Deconstructed: therapy doesn't mean you're weak - vulnerability is a strength. 40:58



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