May 12, 2023

79. How To Go All In, with Nim Stant

Self-commitment and focusing on your goals are the simple steps to success. Nim Stant is the founder of Go All In Media and shares her inspiring success story, as well as tips on how keeping it simple and going all in can lead to business prosperity. Finding a balance is the wrong mindset for success, the secret to growth is going all in on one thing and not overthinking it. We must focus on our mission and stop wasting time worrying about other things because if you don’t stay in your lane and drive towards your goals, somebody else will. It’s your responsibility to set your objective, commit to yourself and your goals, market your true value and get your message out to the world. The journey may be difficult, but if you keep it simple and find the support you need, you are sure to succeed!

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Show notes:
🌼 Nim is the founder of Go All In Media, an author, speaker, and yoga instructor: she was once called “the girl with a broken brain” but made it in every way. 02:03
🔴 You have something to lose if you don't start now: commit first & figure it out later. 06:43
💠 Go all in means going inside, not expanding the outside: if we don't do that, we'll break and burn out. 09:54
📢 If you have a business, and people don't know you, it's your fault: it's your responsibility to be visible. 12:46
📗 Before you write a book, think about your business hook, and focus on your value, not your hours. 15:43
❤️ You are as valuable as what you sell: stay in your lane and be the driver. 22:31
🤩 Women entrepreneurs are dreamers and have a hard time taking action: you can attach your emotions to your business, but don't let them in the driver's seat. 27:45
🔼 The higher you go, the harder it can be: expect challenges. 30:11
👭 Put yourself in a room with smarter women. 34:42


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