May 5, 2023

78. How to Make Money by Gamifying Your Finances with Jenifer Sapel

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Gamify your finances and change your mindset to earn more and save more. Jenifer Sapel, ChFC® WMCP® - founder of Utor Wealth shares her financial expertise and wisdom on the steps to harnessing your financial power. We live in a profit-first society, where your finances can be tied to feelings of shame and self-worth. The truth is that finances can be viewed like a game, and you can improve your gaming skill sets to gain more financial confidence and freedom. Research your market worth, focus on saving, invest in diversity, and give and spend your money with JOY! Empower yourself with financial wisdom and win the game of making money!

💰 Today we invest differently than previous generations, and we can do even better. 02:05
🌎 When women have more wealth, we will have a healthier Earth: the whole world will be better when we get comfortable believing that we are worthy of wealth. 04:24
🖐 People would rather talk about death than money: being good with finances comes down to five skill sets. 07:13
🙈 Women feel shame when it comes to finances: Don’t tie your self-worth as a human being to anything around the construct of finances. 11:13
🎮 Making money is a game, and earning it doesn't make you a bad person: check the market rate for your skill sets. 13:23
😍 Gamify it for yourself - ask for three times what you've asked for before and you'll be shocked by how many people say yes: think of it in terms of self-care and financial health. 16:07
💲 Pay yourself first and automate your savings. 19:45
🛋️ Don’t try to go from couch to marathon - go with the least painful, lowest goal first. 21:36
🤑 Saving is accumulating wealth, and investing is getting that accumulation to work for you: you can do it by yourself, hire a professional, or do a hybrid. 24:25
📊 We can't eliminate the risk, but we can manage it. 27:41
👩‍💼 Jenifer created a “gender lens investment fund” that finds diverse companies to invest in. 30:03
🏢 More diverse companies are higher quality companies, which means higher profitability & better risk management: it's even higher with ethnic diversity. 35:40
❤️ A Donor Advised Fund is an opportunity for people to set up a private foundation. 40:39
🤩 Finding an advisor you trust can be really important as we move out of our comfort zone: you're not obligated to spend on tax-deductible gifts - spend with joy. 42:20
🔷 Utor is Latin for “to use, to employ, and to enjoy.” 45:23
❣️ Jenifer will talk to anybody for 20 minutes, just press a button on her website. 50:06


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