April 28, 2023

77. Money Is Independence with Rachel Grunn & Andrea Cwik

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As a woman, understanding finances and learning to invest your money is the smartest thing you can do. Rachel Grunn and Andrea Cwik are co-founders of GoodGood Investing, where they share their knowledge on the world of commercial and real estate investments. The main message is this - when women have great wealth, they do great things for their communities and the world, but challenging the barrier to entry for investing can be difficult. The first step is to invest in yourself through education and learn how to take advantage of assets you already have so you can start to grow your independent wealth. Commercial investing is all about who you know, so network and find people like Rachel and Andrea who are already plugged into the real estate investing ecosystem and can help. Set up a legacy for yourself and invest in your freedom and independence!

👑 Rachel & Andrea have a common goal: investing and understanding finances is probably the single best thing we can do for ourselves as women. 02:46
📈 Repurpose your 401K to a self-directed IRA - that puts you more in charge of where to use that money: you may be richer than you think. 05:59
👛 There's a huge misconception that investing is reserved for crusty old men: do your research in finding a person or a team with the experience. 10:35
⚠️ The Investing industry is highly regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission: that's a huge barrier to entry, and nobody's allowed to advertise or solicit investments to the public. 13:31
💎 Rachel & Andrea paid a lot of money to get into the room with the right people, and they are sharing their knowledge for free: you just need to be curious. 17:36
❗ Take control of your finances: turn your 401k into a self-directed account to have the freedom to stay out of a bad relationship. 20:49
💰 There's a way to make sure your 18-year-old has 400k that you didn't pay anything towards. 25:37
🤷 Even if you don’t have a clue about the investing, you have a chance to grow. 27:14
📘 You can't build generational wealth working a W2 job - your investments will outlive you, but your W2 will not: Rich Dad Poor Dad is an awesome starter book. 30:02
🤑 Half of your money is going to taxes if you work a W2 job, but real estate bonus depreciation can counter that: make sure that you get a CPA that's familiar with the types of investments that you're doing. 32:51
❣️ The first investment you should make is in educating yourself - your investment of time: with education comes conviction, and with knowledge comes empowerment. 35:59


 Connect with Rachel & Andrea: www.goodgoodinvesting.com

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