April 14, 2023

75. Dr. Jody Carrington: The Future Is Female - Leading With Kindness Is Your Biggest Superpower

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Female leadership is essential for reconnecting a disconnected world. Dr. Jody Carrington is the founder of Carrington & Company, where she focuses her passion on tackling modern psychological issues with reconnection. With modern communication technology, the pandemic, and the mental health crisis making us feel more disconnected than ever, people are struggling to cope. The solution is having people feel seen and heard, and that requires integrating the emotional and personal influence of feminine leadership into the workplace. People become much more emotionally regulated and motivated when they are surrounded by personal connection and kindness, and that leads to productivity and success. Lead with kindness and get reconnected with your people!

👱‍♀️ Dr. Carrington's favorite quote is: “We are all just here walking each other home."  01:34
😍 In the history of the free world, we've never been more disconnected than we are at this moment: look at somebody you love for four minutes. 05:06
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Every parent wants their children to be happy, but nobody is always happy: the most significant sentence that allows Dr. Jody to hold space with kids is: "Tell me more." 09:25
👠 The future is female. 11:14
🧒 When we're not happy and say "I want you to be happy" we make the biggest mistake as parents. 15:44
🎤 Pink is an example of power - hard and soft: the healthier you are, the more vulnerable you are. 19:04
☺️ The most vulnerable emotion on the planet is joy: be kind and don't tolerate bullshit. 21:57
🔥 When the resources outside of work do not exceed what gets sucked from your soul at work - you burn out. 24:59
✅ When we put our worth in our outcome: the priority of how to look after things are - you, your team, and then the people you serve. 28:13
❗ You need to know who your people are: you'll be surprised how many friends you'll lose when you start a business. 31:39
💓 Death ends a life, not a relationship. 33:10
💆‍♀️ Drop your shoulders & take a deep breath: the more you drop your cortisol in a day, the more you have to give to your people. 35:43
🤝 Every single day, do the next best thing if you can’t do the best: reconnection is even more important than connection. 37:59
📕 Dr. Jody is starting a podcast: she has a book tour stop in the US, and it's on March 14th in New York! 41:10


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