April 7, 2023

74. Veleke Brown - Feeding the Youth with Entrepreneurial Knowledge

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When kids learn the principles of entrepreneurship, it can heal families and communities. Veleke Brown is the CEO and founder of E-Roadmap, a nonprofit organization that teaches youth the mindset and skills associated with entrepreneurship. Today’s youth are missing out on the opportunity to develop the crucial skills that come with entrepreneurship, as it is not taught in many schools.

We must educate kids on financial literacy and problem-solving so they can develop solution-oriented thinking and tackle the problems that exist in their communities. With a positive mindset and hands-on training for critical life skills, these kids can grow up knowing they have what it takes to make a difference and succeed. Help support and educate the youth and create a generation of positive change!

Show timestamps:
🧒👧🏽  Veleke is the CEO and founder of E-Roadmap, a nonprofit that teaches entrepreneurial concepts and principles to kids. 01:45
💥 Entrepreneurship will wake you all the way up: the knowledge we get from watching our parents is important. 03:52
❤️ Veleke teaches youth about entrepreneurship: the projects are beautiful, vital, and growing. 06:34
💲 Your income is attached to the number of problems you solve: outstanding solutions come from understanding the core problem better than anybody else. 10:03
🎓 Kids need to know about financial literacy and budget creation: the first thing you do as an entrepreneur is - get out here, get the pulse of the city, and understand who the players are. 14:12
❗ You have to ask questions and put in the work, then partners and sponsors come: before you express your idea, ask questions and learn. 18:07
☑️ Be more proactive vs. reactive. 20:29
🏜️ A Food Desert is a community that doesn't have fresh food and grocery stores within a certain mile radius: when communities are healthier, they make better choices and improve their economic standing. 23:21
✅ Within each crisis, there lies an opportunity for the right entrepreneur. 26:39
💆‍♀️ Make sure you start your day right: we act after we perceive things. 29:42
🌬️ If you don't learn to calm yourself down, you will never win: meditation, mindfulness, yoga, pilates, stretching, deep breathing - everything matters! 31:16
🌺 We create a natural resistance to things that we don't understand: reframe it to benefit yourself! 33:58

🤩 Connect with Veleke: www.nofoodgap.org

✨ Find out more about RoadMap: www.e-roadmap.org/about 

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