March 31, 2023

73. Build Confidence With Your Wealth, with Kelly Ann Winget

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It’s time for women to subvert the pop-cultural prejudice that they aren’t good with money. Kelly Ann Winget is the founder and fund manager for Alternative Wealth Partners and shares her passion for helping women learn about finances and investing to become confident and empowered with their wealth. The world of investing and managing investments has historically been dominated by men, leaving generations of women uncomfortable with or unable to participate. The truth is that women are inherently good at managing finances and tend to invest in ways that positively impact local communities. Financial literacy tools and education are easily accessible online for free, so it’s time for us to get informed and stop being scared about making financial decisions. Start your wealth journey today and take control of your capital!

💲Kelly is the founder and fund manager for alternative wealth partners: she helped raise almost a billion dollars in private capital. 02:13
👫 Women are great with money, pay more attention to small details, take the time to process information, and write bigger checks. 08:10
💵 You can be an investor without any entrance barriers by investing in property, cryptocurrency, or gold: private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, and these types of alternative assets require accredited and qualified investors. 13:09
❗ Everything you do is an investment. 16:29
🤓 An alternative investment is everything that's not cash or a stock-bond: Kelly explains what accredited investment, private equity, and venture capital are. 19:42
🔶 TikTok financial literacy courses are not a good way to get educated: Investopedia and government websites offer free financial information. 23:00
👧 Know your numbers and educate yourself: people who build curriculums are not business owners. 27:27
🏡 To start investing, you need some financial breathing room: financial literacy tools are built for people who have money. 30:31
👑 Female investors are impact investors: be cautious of where you're writing your checks. 33:56
👔 Fashion Full Circle is one of Kelly's companies that supports nonprofits that help build local communities. 36:44


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