March 24, 2023

72. Regina Huber - Connect With Your Heart To Own Your Value

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The key to being seen and heard is truly owning your own value.  Regina Huber is the CEO of Transform Your Performance, where she coaches individuals and groups by finding and owning their own values. A common problem for women in the workplace is a lack of confidence and understanding of our beautiful strengths and talents. To realign with our values we need to reconnect with our hearts, learn to value the richness of our wisdom and story, and build up our confident presence with a positive “heartset.” Presenting yourself with an empowered and confidence-filled energy can help you show up with the courage and authority needed to be recognized for your true worth. Let your mind be led by your heart and own your true value!

🌸 Women entrepreneurs worldwide have a problem with owning their value: a lot of the decisions that did not work out were the ones where Regina didn't fully trust herself. 02:55
✅ Concretize your values - it's all about how we package the stories we tell ourselves and others: know, own, and show your worth. 05:46
❣️ Fear is in the mind, courage in the heart - when we let our minds be led by our hearts it's usually more powerful: use your energy to connect with your heart. 09:52
✨ Human Design is astrology that defines the 5 roles people can be in and helps them recognize the one that fits them best. 13:48
🤩 Different people go through different life paths and lessons: find your richness and value. 17:12
🧑 Leadership starts with self - if we are not self-aware, we cannot understand others. 19:52
🧠 Sometimes we need advice or information, but the decision must always ours: step out of the victim mode and into a self-empowering mindset. 22:45
➡️ It's more emotionally challenging to shut something down and let something go than it is to start something new because it's so hard to forgive ourselves. 27:23
🤝 Connecting to our hearts requires a little bit of trust and patience: we sometimes work best with a specific type of people. 29:42
💭 We need to remind ourselves that many thoughts are not even ours: don't listen to everything that's going on in your head. 34:06


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