March 17, 2023

71. Living a Debt-Free Life with Vera Jimenez

Learn how to be resourceful with your money, and you’ll be investing in a better future. 

Vera Jimenez is a weather person, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who shares tips and tricks for making your money work for you. So many money-making gurus gatekeep their knowledge and make opportunities seem few and far between, but this is not the case because there are plenty of opportunities for smart investments and managing your money wisely. 

The key is having the passion for obtaining your goals and starting your ventures, but quickly switching to business mode and knowing when it’s time to sell and move on. Seek out networking groups, take a course, listen to a podcast, and pay it forward by sharing what you learn with other women. Don’t let your money scare you, make it work for you!

🏭 Vera was the youngest of 6 kids in a family without a father: her mother dreamed a life for Vera that doesn't involve working in a factory. 03:29
💼 Vera's mother saw entrepreneurship as misery, uncertainty, and fear, but Vera wanted to be her own boss: she started working at 15. 05:32
🚘 You're allowed to go into debt only for a house and a car: Vera leads a debt-free lifestyle. 10:13
🔵 Entrepreneurs fall in love with their idea so much that they forget to take the emotion out and think logically: Vera sold the restaurant right before Covid, bought a property she fell in love with, and then had to short-sell it. 12:26
💰 We mom-mode our businesses, so we forget to be tough: if you're going to buy property, you have to make a profit the day that you purchase it. 18:09
✅ Always look at the market you're buying in if you want to be a real estate investor. 21:03
💲 Vera owns homes, invests in a commercial real estate trust, invests with partners, and lends finances: money is energy - it goes out and comes back in, so spending well is as significant as earning well. 23:54
❤️ People move to California to feel that connection with nature: the risk-reward is valid. 30:20


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