March 10, 2023

70. Franky Liu - Bettering with Music

Be the inspiration you want to see in the world. Franky Liu is a talented young entrepreneur who shares inspiring words with the release of his self-produced album. In order to succeed in this world, you need to lean into your talents and advocate for yourself and others. In the advent of Covid19, we could all use a little more inspiration and encouragement, so make your voice heard and make it one of support and motivation. Discover your platform, share your talents and opinions, and lift up others in the process. Find your inspiration and pay it forward!

Show notes timestamps:
🎹 Franky graduated in resource economics and chose event management as a master's major: he has played piano since age 5 and loves music and events. 03:22
❤️ The album Franky released is written, produced, and sung by himself. 06:21
🎶 Listen to a song called Dear Franky: he wrote it as a letter to himself and was inspired by one of Adrienne's class assignments. 08:53
🧑‍🎤 Franky found a job in the music industry and plans to be famous: success doesn't come overnight. 14:38
🗣️ Every voice is powerful, and all the voices for women are precious until women's rights are no longer lacking in our society. 17:31
✅ The starting point from 0 to 1 in business is challenging - focus and practice are the way to go. 23:11
👉 Internships and work are a significant part of studies for a future job: don't limit your knowledge to books. 25:32
🧑‍🏫 Encouragement is more effective than punishment in education: professors should know that students want real-life scenarios and stories, to do stuff that makes them better people and more effective in the workforce, and to have more fun. 28:52
💟 When you start teaching people, you learn more. 30:19
🎤 Listen to a song called Bettering! 32:07


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