March 3, 2023

69. Jevonne Bowman - Quality Content Creation Is Not A DIY

Quality content can increase the impact of your business and lead to more sales. Jevonne Bowman is an expert content curator that creates educational products for people that want to learn to create professional content. 

Content creation is integral to many businesses, but creating meaningful, quality content on your own is very challenging. The problem with good content creation is that producing something of substance can be an intimidating task, so finding a team and strategizing based on your strengths is key. Joining a community to support and reassure you and offer outside perspectives and resources is an excellent step towards developing your skills and achieving your goals. 

Overcome your content creation obstacles and become your very own content queen!

Show Notes - timestamps:

👑 Jevonne is a six-figure content queen: content creation is a full-time job, not a DIY - if you want to avoid burnout, be realistic about your skill set. 01:46
👔 The corporate world offers exposure to team building, strategies, and processes: necessity breeds invention - Jevonne changed her lifestyle to have time for her family. 06:21
🔥 Jevonne wears many hats: a mentorship program and an academy for female entrepreneurs on how to create content without burning out. 10:28
👗 You can still be feminine and create awesome-looking content: you have to be the one to take action. 13:49
✅ Content is information you disseminate on social media platforms: focus on mastery, not perfection. 18:17
❤️ We are bolder when we have a friend by our side: having the group is a vital part of the mentorship experience. 22:37
📹 Community is about empowerment: video can increase impact and income for different types of businesses. 25:05
⚠️ Content can get stale: come up with a strategy where you get to see the bigger picture. 28:12
💜 You don't have to be in front of a camera or listen to your voice if you don't like it - there are other forms of content: video editing is super easy to delegate. 30:49


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