Feb. 17, 2023

67. Well Tech World Summit speaker Jennifer "Jaki" Johnson - A Digital Healing Space For Trauma

The help you need for your trauma-healing journey may be a click away. 
Jennifer “Jaki” Johnson is the founder of WellMiss, a digital space created to offer holistic care to women dealing with trauma. Trauma is a profound inner wound that can manifest as a number of severe disorders and issues if not treated properly. Due to the cookie-cutter approach to today’s healthcare system, many people with trauma are left unhealed and continue to suffer mentally and physically. 
Thankfully we are seeing the emergence of new digital resources that hold space and offer the holistic approach to healing that people truly need. Find care and support on your health journey with modern digital wellness resources! Hear from Jaki at the Well-Tech World Summit on March 20 & 21.

❤️ Jaki created a virtual healing space that provides holistic and integrative care to women healing from trauma: our true strength is in vulnerability. 02:40
⚠️ Women have various interconnected traumatic experiences: even entrepreneurs build their platforms based on personal traumatic experiences. 05:56
✅ Trauma is the wound within made from the impact of all the traumatic experiences we have been through -  that puts them at a higher risk of PTSD. 09:25
💔 The heart is the first to feel and process anything: the ER and primary care are just not enough to deal with trauma because we all need a different holistic approach - talk therapy or other integrative approaches, not just drugs. 11:52
😢 Jaki lost her son, but someone has to hold space: she is still working on her own healing. 20:53
🌎 Well-tech World Summit is about helping humanity heal. 22:34



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