Jan. 20, 2023

64. Women Entrepreneurs - It May Be Time To Check Your Hormones with Dr. Michael Green

Hormone therapy can lead to a longer and healthier life, which is especially important for driven women leaders and entrepreneurs so that we can feel our very best at every stage our our entrepreneurial journey.

Dr. Michael Green is a board-certified O

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👶 Why Dr. Michael got into the field of hormone replacement therapy: hormones are not vitamins but are also really helpful. 02:39
❗ Some typical symptoms of dropping hormones: experiencing hot flashes, brain fog, sleep disturbances, night sweats, skin, hair, and vaginal issues, joint pain, and weight gain? 08:22
👩‍🦳 If you notice your body and mind changing you should check your hormones: the average age of completing menopause is 51, but symptoms start ten years earlier. 11:49
💊 If your doctor doesn't give you what you need, telehealth has become a viable alternative: there are various treatments out there.14:12
✅ Conveniences telehealth provides: it's a new safe way to do stuff when you don't need a physical exam. 17:25
📑 Medicine is steering toward education and shared decision-making: the website and social media are a robust library of content designed to educate. 21:04
🍀 Women are often transitioning to their second career at the same time that their menopausal transition tends to take place, but luckily it is treatable. 24:11
❤️ Women on hormone replacement therapy usually live longer and healthier. 25:24


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