Jan. 13, 2023

63. Janet Wischnia: Big Dreams & Faded Jeans - From Retail to Ecommerce Business

The world of business is constantly changing, don’t get left behind! Janet Wischinia is the founder of American Blossom Linens and shares her journey from family business to e-commerce prosperity. The global market is volatile and always fluctuating with

🛏️ The story behind American Blossom Linens - focus on B2B paid off. 02:01
👩‍🎓 Janet's life through family business & how she started a new brand and a factory. 05:51
🇺🇸 USA had a very strong textile industry from the 40s to the 80th, and 'made in the USA' products are becoming popular again: with the online business, the schedule is a bit more flexible. 12:24
🎯 Starting a brand is learning from the ground up - a website and advertising are necessary, too: three reasons why business blossomed in covid. 15:54
✅ Digital marketing experience is universal for many products and companies - tips for people starting e-commerce. 21:35
👉 Listen to your customers, employees, suppliers, and your gut & know what not to listen to. 27:07
❤️ Janet is on the Forbes 50 over 50 list: the song Big Dreams and Faded Jeans by Dolly Parton has a lesson for us. 31:39


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