Dec. 23, 2022

61. Jill Cruz - “Love & Loss” - Shaping A New Self-care Paradigm

It’s time to integrate ourselves into the self-care industry and reshape it with compassion! Jill Cruz is a fellow podcast host and CEO of a company that helps women lose weight and learn about their bodies in a pleasurable and sustainable way. Women have been the target of the victimizing weight loss industry since its conception. The values of this primitive industry are founded in negative values like capitalizing off fear and discomfort, and it’s time to create a new paradigm. The context of weight loss and health should be centered on education, acceptance, and gaining confidence and control over your body. The most efficient way to begin your weight loss journey is from a place of love!

🥰 Jill helps women lose weight in a healthy, sustainable, and pleasurable way: knowing your body and weight loss as a bonus. 02:44
🍀 We have to reprogram ourselves: once you shed the shackles, it doesn't have to be a lot of work. 05:55
⚖️ Find the balance between loving and accepting and taking action. 08:35
💞 Learn to love your shame - turn toward a negative emotion: recognize your signals, you are good enough. 09:59
😓 Chronic stress compromises our decision-making and eating habits. 16:25
🏞️ Let it flow & let it go - the opposite of “fight & flight” is “rest & digest.” 19:48
❤️ The 1980s model created a context based on fear, the new context is based on love. 22:43
🤝 Weight is not a problem, it’s a symptom: community is so important for support & enjoyment of the process. 25:19
💩 Women are victims of the system and we have to get ourselves out of it - stop sugarcoating!: ask questions, and don't carry the shit that others put on you. 29:33
✅ Negativity towards yourself shuts down productivity and creativity: entrepreneurship is a journey, let's get that mutual support. 34:43


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