Dec. 16, 2022

60. Alicia Holmes - Why Women Must Shift Their Money Mindset Toward Wealth

Are you ready to become a master at managing your resources? Alicia Holmes is a financial coach that helps educate women to manage wealth and shift their monetary mindset. The financial world is evolving fast, and women need to get involved and help to sh

🇺🇬 Alicia helped an entrepreneur in Uganda that hired 5000 women farmers. 02:36
💪 Women are the ones that want to help so badly that they scrounge for money. 06:50
❤️ Women need to be more financially empowered to make the world more heart-centered: rich vs. wealthy. 08:47
🎯 Be clear about what's most important to you and focus on discipline & choices: create a dream-building budget. 12:21
🤯 Importance of teaching the fundamentals of investing during this new industrial revolution: It takes a mindset shift to avoid being baffled with bullshit. 16:29
💰 What the internet did for communication, the blockchain will do for transactions: shareholder vs. stakeholder economy. 18:51
🏦 The economy and investments are going to be different than they were in the past. 23:41
🌌 You can have it all, just maybe not at the same time: investment tips & a zero-based budget: know what you want & the universe will conspire to give it to you. 25:51
🤔 A huge portion of Alicia's clients are women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s: most women are traumatized from the corporate world and need a mind shift and redirection of resources: 99% of the game is a mindset. 33:33
👉  Do you want to be sick and broke or healthy and wealthy? 37:03


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