Dec. 2, 2022

59. Kirsten Field - Empowering Youth Through Arts and Crafts

Young girls deserve to feel empowered.

Kirsten Field is the founder of Kids Crafts and is trailblazing the arts and crafts world with inspiring activities for young girls. She explains her challenging journey through entrepreneurship and her admirable

👧 Finding a better solution for all kids: how Kirsten founded her business. 01:46
😷 Starting from scratch due to Covid: how to differentiate in the market. 06:02
🃏 The hardest part of pivoting the company: the huge learning curve for Kirsten. 10:09
👩‍💼 Kirsten has a business background and was a stay-at-home mum for 10 years. 17:30
❗  2 out of 3 girls don't think they can be whatever they want to be!  23:00
🧸 Tips for women in the product business. 24:14
🏭 How to choose the factories to work with? 27:07
🔧 Tweak as you go: Kirsten’s model from the start. 29:39
🤔 Supply chain issues: Where to find reliable manufacturing?? 32:41
🎯 When girls start to lose their confidence. 35:38


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