Nov. 11, 2022

58. Ramona Cedeno - Financial Proficiency Equates Power

It’s okay to admit that the financial side of your business scares you. Men have dominated the finance world for way too long; it’s time for us to take it over.

Ramona Cedeno is a CPA and the CEO and founder of FiBrick.

Every business owner could learn from FiBrick’s innovation, and Ramona is giving us a peek into how she’s been able to turn multiple companies’ finances on their head.

👩‍👧 Ramona's mom said she's good with money, so Ramona focused on that. 02:40
📊 Focus on the structure for gaining money, not just clients and services. 03:50
🤝 It's a person who deals with money: Ramona gives education through workshops, books, and personal talks. 04:30
😵 Women sometimes feel threatened by the financial aspects of their businesses: when financial planning often gets blocked out. 08:04
🤵‍♂️ Men don't think of 3k, they think of 20k and get disappointed if they get 15k. How should women elevate themselves? 13:05
🙋‍♂️ A real, balanced perspective: turn men into the conversation. 16:30
🤝 Don't do it alone - ask for advice. 17:40
⚖️ We need both - men's and women's help: use collective wisdom to move forward and find balance. 18:55
✅ How to go from solopreneur or consultant into growing a business where the services can be delivered? 23:28
🤷‍♀️ Ask other colleagues what are their fees, and check the market: raising prices sometimes means finding new clients. 28:25
👍 There is always the opportunity to correct and adjust. 33:25
❗ Don't feel guilty for charging what you charge. 34:00


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