Oct. 28, 2022

56. Jaime Nolan - Who Do You Trust with Your Most Important Thing?

When you’re a business owner, your business is your baby. In many cultures, when you have a baby, you assign godparents to the child. In the event something happens to you, the children are entrusted to their godparents. In Spanish, godmothers refer to each other as Las Comadres.

Jaime Nolan, CEO of Las Comadres, helped found a community of female entrepreneurs to create a trusting and intimate environment among female leaders.

Who would you trust with your kids, business, emotions and all the important things?

🌟 Birth of Las Comadres:  in-person community with people that had very soulful businesses, and it grew super fast. 03:49
🥰 Who do you trust with your most important thing? 05:24
📈 The evolution of your business is where the fun is: everyone needs to evolve, so your business should too. 08:57
😎 Post-Covid entrepreneurial challenges: people are stepping into their power and claiming their truth. 11:26
🌸 We're supposed to live in a community: women are really ready to give but not that ready to receive. 14:25
⚠️ Getting answers from your community: the importance of asking very clear and direct questions. 18:31
🤓 Tips for finding your community: clarity that takes you to belongingness. 21:22
🤗 Las Comadres: soul development and entrepreneurship, courses, and helping people see themselves. 27:51
🤩 There are so many different marketing tactics you can use: systems and blame-game we put ourselves into. 30:32
😇 Running a successful business without a site: Yes, it is possible to do it in your own way. 33:00
📋 Understanding what your gifts are and then hiring the rest: make a list. 35:19
💲 How you take care of yourself, family, and community: calculating dollars and time wasted on things you really can delegate, hire, or get done in different ways. 40:47


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