Oct. 14, 2022

54. Learning How to Have Hard Conversations with Veronica Marquez

Could sitting down to dinner be the key to learning how to navigate difficult conversations?

Veronica Marquez has worked for over 10 years in brand consulting with innovative agencies in New York City as a qualitative researcher and consumer insights specialist. Veronica has found the key to having difficult conversations through her business Between Us.

Pick up your knife and fork, it’s time to eat, honey!

🙌 Welcome, Veronica! 01:50
❎ Veronica’s career was interrupted by self-doubt: being at a crossroads. 02:58
🍽️ How Dinner Confidential and Between Us were created: women having intimate monthly thematic gatherings worldwide. 05:01
🤯 Some things that surprised Veronica from India to the US: patriarchal hierarchical, and highly materialistic culture affects us women in the whole world. 07:58
👘 Cultural stereotypes are holding women back: no spot for failure in Tokyo. 11:57
🎯 Listening to other women sharing their stories and navigating emotions in thematic gatherings, strengthening your true inner confidence14:57
😫 Complex relationships people have with social media: loops of triggers, stress, and disconnection. 17:37
👠 The spectrum of the feminine experience: Veronica realized she can’t host dinners in her house anymore. 21:35
🌸 New plans: book, tools, and solutions in helping people have better disagreements. 23:10
☯️ The world needs an intersection of feminine and masculine strength: let’s humanize one another and dismantle the power dynamics that exist in our society today. 25:30
🌟 Method of how to have hard conversations and facilitate your own dinners. 30:20


Connect with Veronica: www.everythingbetweenus.com

Book: https://tinyurl.com/LTWist

Host dinners: https://everythingbetweenus.com/become-a-host