Oct. 7, 2022

53. Mandy Cheung - Your Values Determine Your Profit

When you work in a male-dominated industry, it’s easy to think of failure as the enemy. Mandy and I want you to change that thought pattern and make a failure your acquaintance.

Mandy Cheung is a corporate financial advisor and a spiritual wealth coach

🇭🇰 Corporate financial advisor and a spiritual wealth coach from Hong Kong. 01:49
☹️ Despite having a good salary, some women don’t make responsible financial decisions. 02:52
😉 Working in a dominant male industry: stand up for yourself and love yourself radically. 04:45
👍 Importance of knowing your worth and not hating men: some great men helped Mandy in her career. 06:49
🎯 Mandy’s advice on regaining your passion and power when things don’t look great. 09:48
5️⃣ The five pillars of personal finances. 11:08
😇 Building confidence through taking a lot of action but also learning from your mistakes. 12:47
👠 Women are conditioned to compare themselves to other women: the patriarchal narrative has to change. 14:49
🙂 Differences between Hong Kong and the USA. 17:29
🌍 Adrienne thought equity issues will be extinct by now in corporate America: how women are respected in other countries around the world. 18:26
⚠️ Financial power is actually pure power: Consumerism is taking our pure power. 22:05
💩 The Girl-boss concept of women's entrepreneurship is fake. 23:06
🤩 There are many ways to be rich, but first, embrace our inner wisdom and find what truly matters to you. 26:28
✌️ Two methods Mandy uses to help herself in times of failure. 28:31
👉 Create more than you consume. 29:59

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