Sept. 23, 2022

52. The Power of Creating Your Own Media Platform with Danielle Paige Jeter

Podcasts are here to stay! Women everywhere must get in on this growing - and still nascent - media form.

Danielle Paige is a wildly successful business strategist, and she’s breaking down why women need to be moving into any space they can to get the upper hand.

We know it seems like the podcast market is saturated, but every single show is unique in some way. Women can use the podcast platform to promote themselves and go deep in their area of expertise by owning their own media platform.

Grab your microphone and get in on this sizzling hot opportunity to expand your business through podcasting!

🩰 Danielle was a dancer from a very young age: built character in the dance community and a way to express herself.  02:28
🤩 Working on the production team and promoting parties in Atlanta during college: building leadership skills and community around her. 04:44
👩🏽‍💻 The recession made Danielle find a way to build a business when she was 20: learning how to launch a business. 07:19
😎 Her event planning and staffing business evolved into PR services and media placement for her clients: becoming COVID-proof and niching down. 09:00
😍 The non-profit that equips and encourages women to own their voices in entertainment and media: WIM GLOBAL is like a sisterhood. 14:09
👩🏽‍💼 Building a woman's body of work through podcasting: Adrienne is passionate about changing the way women are seen across the board. 15:25
🎙️ Breaking the negative narrative: don’t lose the opportunity. Statistics show we need more women podcasters. 17:48
💃🏽 Who cares about saturation? 20:48
🆚 Having ultimate freedom vs following the rules women put in front of themselves. 21:18
✅ The mindset shift book Built to Sell made in Danielle’s business: the importance of succession planning. 22:36
🎯 Women need to have more seven and eight-figure conversations: building big businesses and influencing mindsets.  25:27
⚠️ Work yourself out of a job through replicable processes. 27:04
🤓 Having the right info sooner than later is so important so women can scale high enough. 30:10
💲 Meetup in Miami: mastermind for learning strategies in entrepreneurship. 32:00


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