Sept. 16, 2022

51. Learning About Yourself Through Traveling The World, with Yuri Chu Su

We’ve all dreamed about quitting our day jobs and traveling the world. Yuri Chu Su had the courage to actually do it.

She is a digital nomad, a world traveler, an entrepreneur, and an online business manager who decided she had enough of corporate.

Yuri is speaking to us about how we can remove our sugarcoating and build a life that truly fulfills us.

🌎 Yuri is 100% Chinese, born in Peru and living in Canada since nine years old. 02:21
👩‍💻 Adrienne and Yuri both worked at PwC: CPA who left corporate as soon as she could. 03:13
🙁 This is not the life I want: hardship and joyless feeling in the workplace. 04:50
🗺️ Her dream was to see the world: it started in the year when borders were starting to close. 05:50
✌️ Golden handcuffs in the corporate world vs. entrepreneurship in pandemic circumstances: freedom is so much better.
🛫 Traveling and working: epic nomad life takes a lot of discipline, good tools, and sometimes compromise. 10:32 
🏝️ Dream come true: living in Bali for 4 months, seeing Singapore, Thailand, and Croatia. 12:23
🤯 Living with the community of the digital nomads: spending a month in 12 different countries through one year program. 13:45
⚡ New energy and new connections: plan activities, language learning, and experiences within the nomad community. 18:08
🧳 Understand the culture on a much deeper lever: having the year abroad but with your income. 23:22
♾️ Yuri is a proponent of experiential learning: changes and appreciation of experiences brought to through reflection. 25:33
😇 “The best people are the ones who have spent a lot of time going inwards”: your problems are traveling with you. 31:25
😎 The pandemic helped people to go inwards and reflect on themselves: wherever you go - there you are. 34:01
🗿 Traveling the Path and learning as we go along: Yuri Journey is the official name of the program Yuri is on. 36:02


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