Sept. 2, 2022

49. Use The Power of Negotiation To Maximize Your Income

Are women perpetuating the wage gap by not speaking up in compensation discussions?

We’re having a raw and real conversation today with Sophie Warwick and Jillian Climie, the co-founders of ThoughtfulCo. As women in business, they have seen gender inequality all throughout their careers, and now they’re doing something about it.

Know your worth and never sugarcoat your compensation negotiation.

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🤩 Helping women to understand what it is they're worth and get paid what they deserve. 01:04
🖥️ Sophie’s background in structural engineering: lack of support and mentorship made her dive deeper into gender equity in the workspace. 02:09
🤯 Jillian started in executive compensation and realized so many women not negotiating their compensation. 03:51
🙃 Inherited biases: a gap in the data showing that no one knows why the gender pay gap exists. 06:10
👠 Understanding your value, articulating it well, and feeling confident in it. 09:15
🏋️‍♀️ Build a portfolio of your strengths. 14:39
😒 Everyone is for gender equity, but the numbers haven't changed that much. 16:33
⚠️ Don’t push it off, prepare and stand in your power: sooner is better than later to speak about your compensation. 21:26
🎯 How to ask for a meeting about compensation? 25:04
🤓 Most companies are having a hard time attracting and retaining talent: bugged problems and full compensation packages. 27:55
💲 Getting people to really understand equity: make material wealth over the long term. 30:22
👉 Resources where you can learn about equity if you are going in tech or towards director level and above. 32:31
💎 Compensation doesn't define your value as an individual: the baseline, openness, and sharing. 33:52
🤔 Defining what is an appropriate value charge. 37:22

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